Friday, March 26, 2010

Brownie Points

You better run and get a glass of milk before you read this post. I warned you.

The Brownie post I did last month has created quite the stir. I love hearing your feedback... things you've tried, recipes you've made and things you've tweeked or improved. So here's a proud shout out to all of you who've had fun making outrageous brownies!

These ooey gooey caramel marshmallow brownies were created by my Uncle Jeff. (He's one of those fun-not-that-much-older-than-me, and our-kids-are-the-same-age kind of uncles.)

Don't they look AMAZING!?

Here's what he did:

He made our family's favorite brownie recipe. You can find it here. Although he probably didn't tweek the recipe like I do. The original is an AWESOME brownie. I changed it a little to get a fudgier texture. (Although, excuse my rambling, I had the original at my mom's a couple weeks ago and I think I like both versions the same, I'll let you decide!) The original recipe calls for 1 1/2 C flour, I only use 1 cup. Also the original calls for 1 teaspoon of baking powder. I either leave it out completely or use 1/2 t.

Okay, moving on. Next is the caramel layer. You can find the recipe here. This makes twice as much caramel as you need. So... I would either pour half on my brownies and the other half in a separate dish for later enjoyment or only make 1/2 the recipe. For all you candy people who just gasped, I've done it... and it works just fine!

Next comes the marshmallow layer. You can find the recipe here. Same story with the marshmallow. It makes more than you need. Spread half on top of the caramel layer and the other half on a cookie sheet that has been covered with powdered sugar.

Last is the fudge layer. It's sweetened condensed milk and chocolate chips (1 c.) melted together in the microwave until smooth. Poor over marshmallow layer!

Thanks Jeff for this incredible creation!

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