Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Painted Wall Clock

A few months ago while shopping at Pier One I saw this clock. It's flat so it can be mounted on a wall.
This clock was brilliant! Why hadn't I thought of it before!?

I wanted to paint something fun around a real clock...but what... what would fit the style of my house. A pillar, a post, a fake grandfather clock looking thing?
I have always LOVED this clock that I got at Rod Works in Sandy, Utah.
(Not sure who's idea it was to take a picture of a black clock against a black wall... oh wait, mine.)
So I decided to copy it's shape.
And give my clock an old lamp post feel.
I just love it!

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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Cookie Dough Cupcakes with Milky Way Frosting

I know they're a mouthful to say
But they're also a mouthful of enjoyment!

They are yellow cake with a cookie dough ball inside!! Topped with melt in
your mouth milky way frosting.
You can find the cupcake recipe here and the frosting recipe here.
Check out this You Tube video for a great tutorial on Milky Way Frosting.
To keep the cookie dough from baking along with the cupcake
you first freeze the cookie dough balls. The cookie dough recipe
does call for eggs. I'm not sure that's the best idea since the cookie
dough doesn't get cooked through... so I omitted the eggs and used a little milk
to get the right dough texture.
When you bake them the cake batter rises right up around the
frozen cookie dough.
Then the frosting... oh my, I could eat it all by itself!
It is very rich and decadent so I only piped on a small amount.

Polar Bear and Monkey Cupcakes

I want to apologize right from the beginning about my photo quality here. Sorry!
These were taken with my phone, and well, it's not the greatest.

These little polar bears were for a boss' birthday bash.
And the monkeys, oh how I LOVE little monkeys!
They were guests at a baby shower.
Their zombie friends weren't invited...
HA! j/k...

Baby Shower Cakes

This little monkey cake was really fun to make.
My favorite part is of course, the monkey! Now that I have figured out
how to make them without them falling apart they are fun and easy!

Block cake for a shower.
My favorite part is how I neglected to wipe the
powdered sugar off the counter before taking a picture! Nice one.

Forgotten Sugar Cookies

Baby boy cookie sticks.
This little onsie is my favorite!

These cookies were the valentines my daughters took to school.

Decked out Oreos for my little girls' sweet shoppe party.
Marshmallow fondant covered sugar cookies. I dont know if these
get an A for taste but they sure were a snap to decorate!
Sweet Shoppe cookies for my niece's first birthday party.

Zebrafied cookies for my daughter to take to school on her birthday.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Oreo Obsession

Lately I've been a little obsessed with oreos. Learning these two EASY PEASY Oreo recipes is kind of what brought it on!
Visit her blog for a fantastic step by step guide to making these.
I've made them twice now and sharing was... well, difficult.
The next is such a simple idea I can't believe I've never seen it before!
My friend, Maggie, shared this with me.
Simply make your favorite chocolate chip cookies and add coarse chopped Oreos.
Crazy good! It's like taking a bite of a chocolate chip cookie AND an oreo at the same time!
Score Maggie. Thanks for the awesome idea!
*I appologize for the REALLY bad picture. My camera has gone to camera heaven. I am waiting for a new one to arrive (hopefully tomorrow)! This was taken with my phone... bummer.