Sunday, January 16, 2011

Parting Is Such Sweet Sorrow

I LOVE red. Like a lot. Red shoes, red sweaters, red doors...
Red walls...

LOVE it!

But lately I feel like it's time to change and mix things
up a little. (Otherwise known as decorater's ADD.)
So a lot (most) of the red in my house is being phased out.
The only catch is I am challenging myself to do this el cheapo.
The oops paint at Lowes and Walmart have been good to me lately.
Oh greenish blue retro turquoise for 5 bucks... you will go far!

...and there's Chloe... sorry about that.
Have you ever seen a dog smile? Ours does... a lot!
OK back to the paint.
My red door is now this color
My red wall is now this color...
Yeah that's black... not eggplant, I would NEVER dream of such a thing! Blegh!
I hesitate to show you this picture yet because it is SO not finished yet.
Picture black and white curtains, a turquoise-ish (same color as the door)
window box and stuff ( I don't know yet) on that white shelf (that is waiting to be
antiqued and distressed). I have a lot of work to do... just the way I like it!

I'm a little sad to see the red go, I really loved it. But I'm loving the changes!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Picture Tree

The other night I was google searching tree art for my family room walls. During that search I found this adorable vinyl tree:

It's not at all what I wanted for the family room, but I WANTED it somewhere...

I went completely head over heals for this tree!
After a totally sleepless night of thinking about how to do it

and where to put it, I came up with this:

I painted it with some leftover black paint from another project.

I opted to simplify the trunk, I think I like it.

We all LOVE these new pictures my Sister in law

Alexia took. (Her website is currently under construction, check back though!)

It's fun to be able to see the pictures as we gather around our table.

I recycled (spray painted black) some frames I already had.

Total cost for this project $7.00 for photo printing.