Monday, December 5, 2011

Home Tour 2011

Last weekend over 500 people wondered
the halls of our home.  Now it's your turn!
I hope you enjoy your tour of our
Christmas home.
Please keep in mind that I am in NO WAY
skilled in photography, these shanty snap shots are
the best we could do!
Having said that,

Dad's beautiful black pantry looks lovely in every season!
As do Brian's peaches.

Magnetic fridge frames, from the dollar store. Just take
the glass out, spray paint and add magnets to the back.
The twinkliest room!

My mom painted this little girl years ago.
I have always loved it, so I swiped it a few
Christmas' ago. Doesn't she look adorable!?
Somethin' I painted... good thing we never had a fourth child!
A couple family traditions.
A Christmas candle plate adorned the
top of our piano every year when I was a child.
This was a tradition my father brought home from
His mission to Finland 35 years ago.
It just wouldn't be Christmas without them.
These stockings have been recreated for FOUR generations now.
They were first made by my Great Grandmother for her

I just love a chunky tree!
This BEAUTIFUL portrait of Joseph and
the Christ child stole my heart at first glance!
It was created by a talented photographer
named Natalie Heiner.
Please visit her website for more information,
or if you would like to order this gorgeous
work of art.

I have seen framed builder mirrors on many a blog.
I think they make a boring mirror look awesome.
My dad came and did our bathroom mirrors for us, I LOVE them!!

Our Bedroom

The piano nook. That old piano has been in the
family since mom was a young girl (and it was already old then!).
I think the head board that I painted O Holy Night on
might be just as old!
A huge thank you to a dear friend who let me borrow
her Willow Tree nativity for this occasion. It looked
perfect on the piano!
Cool garage sale frame turned chalkboard.
Kids' bathroom. Really sorry little Johnny made it into the picture.

I am sad that these pictures are glowing an ugly yellow!
These doors are a new feature in our home that I just LOVE!!
This is the entrance to our used-to-be-living-room-turned-daughter's-room.
The doors are antiques, salvaged from an old home, courtesy of
my awesome brother!
The beautiful woodwork above the door and the door frame
is the skilled craftsmanship of none other than, you guessed it
my wonderful father.
Here is a shot from the back side of the doors, taken during the day
in natural light, as they all should have been. Speaking of our daughter's room...It's one of my favorite places in our home.
So bright and clean feeling.

Maybe a little huge for a bedroom, but she sure loves it!

Ruffles, ruffles, ruffles.... miles of ruffles! Each ruffle is
4 yards long, gathered by hand. Crazy.
But not nearly as crazy as that wall! Each little fleur was
traced and hand painted. Not stenciled. NOT STENCILED.
Nothing should ever be stenciled, because it will look like you stenciled it.
Are you picking up what I'm laying down?
Crazy. 19 hours of Josh Groban singing to me, crazy.
I don't regret any of it though. Can't say I'd do it again. But the outcome
was lovely.

Now switch your eyes to the other end of the color spectrum.
You've seen the Diva Den before.
But not exactly quite like this.

Awe. Love J's cute sign.
We have such a deep feeling of gratitude to God
and our founding fathers
for this wonderful Nation in which we live.
For without them we would not be a free Nation.
Also for those who have sacrificed and gave everything for our freedom.

For the hero's that serve us every day.

And for those who have not forgotten how we became
a free Nation.So grateful.
It was important to me to remember the reason for the season in our
home tour.
The beautiful artwork of Liz Lemon Swindle was in every room of
the house.

She has such a gift for portraying the Savior in inspiring ways.
I hope you enjoyed a few moments in our home. May the spirit
of Christmas fill your home and heart. May we give to others as
we have been so richly blessed.
And may there one day be
Merry Christmas, from our home to yours!
The Staggs