Friday, October 29, 2010

Birthday Cakes

This cake was made to celebrate a 75th Birthday.
I love the fall theme!
The top cake is double chocolate with chocolate mousse filling.
The cupcake flavors are chocolate chip pumpkin with cream cheese frosting,
and strawberry cheescake.
All the flower and leaf decorations are handmade from gumpaste

This is Miss Molly's first birthday cake.
She is lovingly known as "little monkey girl" to her
family. So she HAD to have a monkey princess on her cake.
The CHP department (Her daddies work) sure enjoyed
the leftovers of this cake!

A Little Cookie Fun

I Can't believe I'm going to say this...
But I think I'm totally sold on royal frosting now.
I don't even mind the taste if I add some favorite flavorings to it!
There is just SO MUCH more I can do with it.
So sorry buttercream, I will use you when taste is
what matters most.

These cookies were for my sons football team. He's the Raiders this year.
My son wanted it to be made perfectly clear that he is NOT a Raiders fan... it's just
his team name. Does that hurt team moral?
The boys were cute, some said they were going to keep it forever... that idea lasted about
27 seconds...maybe.
They are decorated with royal icing. The faces are handpainted with a wee tiny brush and food dye.

I was giddy when someone asked for baby girl cookies. My FAVORITE!!

These baby cookies are made with buttercream frosting.

These sweet little candy corn princesses were made for
my daughters dance class. This was one of those projects that
I have been obsessing about ever since I saw a princess
sugar cookie. I just HAD to try them.
They are decorated with royal icing and edible glitter, so fun!

Monday, October 18, 2010

She Has A Name! Or Two... Or Three

Wow!! Thanks SOOO much for all of your awesome name suggestions!
There were so many, chosing a name was difficult!
The girls and I loved all of your creative ideas!!

There were 3 names the girls were head over heals for.... So, we decided she could have
more than one name!

From this day hence she shall be known as.... (drum roll please)
Penelope Wanda Glindora
Congratulations to the Winners:
Cassie from Tiaras and T-Tops for suggesting Penelope
Settee from Misguided Maiden for suggesting Wanda
Sara H for suggesting Wanda
Tami from Tomato and Tordle for suggesting Glindora
I will be sending each of you a dozen Halloween sugar cookies! Watch for them in your mail boxes by the weeks end.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Halloween Table Scape

One of my favorite blogs, The Stories of A to Z, is having a fun linky party!
It's all about Halloween mantel/shelf/table top scapes!
Check out the party for tons of fun decorating ideas!
I don't have a mantel, so I am posting our living room buffet.
The pumpkins on the top shelf were first posted here. Check it
out to see how they were made.
I love the creepy elegance of this silver and black tree.

I have been seeing "31" decor items all over and I love them! So I had to jump on board.
And of course Miss Witchy, who shall remain nameless until Monday. If you'd like to know more about her and the contest/giveaway go here.

I made the candleabra sign with some vinyl I scored on clearance at Target.
The candles have vinyl stickers as well.

And this little cutie is a free printable from House of Smith's.
I spend a lot of time not knowing what to do with this space in my house. For now I am happy with it!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

A BeWitching Extreme Makeover And A Chance To Win

During a recent trip to one of my favorite thrift shops I found this

little beauty. She cost $12.00.

She's not really my style though...

Makeover time!

I started with a nose job, then a chin job.

Then she got a whole new face job. Complete with wrinkles and hag lines.

I used polymer clay. Her head comes off, creepy, I know. But it worked well for

baking her new face in the oven. Her golden curls didn't melt, but it wouldn't have mattered if they did...

I painted her new face with craft paint. I had her much more haggish at first, but my girls weren't going for it, so she got another mini makeover.

New clothes... new hair... new blingy jewelry...


Meet our little witchy.

The hat came from the dollar bins at Target.

Her long locks are an old Halloween wig.

I sewed her a chic new ensemble.

This fun glam spider came from a thrift shop.

Her shoes are adorned with rhinestone earrings.

More rhinestone jewelry. There is no such thing

as too much of that!

So here is where YOU come in!!

She needs a name. We are a little stumped.

So if you'd like a chance to win 1 dozen of these Halloween cuties, made by yours truly,

leave a comment with a name suggestion.

The judges will be my very own enchantresses, ages 9 and 5.

They will choose a name on Monday October 18th!

Good luck, enter as many names as you'd like!