Friday, October 29, 2010

A Little Cookie Fun

I Can't believe I'm going to say this...
But I think I'm totally sold on royal frosting now.
I don't even mind the taste if I add some favorite flavorings to it!
There is just SO MUCH more I can do with it.
So sorry buttercream, I will use you when taste is
what matters most.

These cookies were for my sons football team. He's the Raiders this year.
My son wanted it to be made perfectly clear that he is NOT a Raiders fan... it's just
his team name. Does that hurt team moral?
The boys were cute, some said they were going to keep it forever... that idea lasted about
27 seconds...maybe.
They are decorated with royal icing. The faces are handpainted with a wee tiny brush and food dye.

I was giddy when someone asked for baby girl cookies. My FAVORITE!!

These baby cookies are made with buttercream frosting.

These sweet little candy corn princesses were made for
my daughters dance class. This was one of those projects that
I have been obsessing about ever since I saw a princess
sugar cookie. I just HAD to try them.
They are decorated with royal icing and edible glitter, so fun!


Clandestine Road said...

Those are incredible! I love that fall cake with the leaves.

Sara H said...

Everything is super cute! Amazing job on the raiders' faces!!! You've got great skill and creativity! BTW, those cookies you sent our way were so pretty and delicious! Thanks again!!! I heard my son say he wished that I could make cookies like that. :) I took the hint and made some, this time using your recipes instead of my mother's. They were fun to make and the kids decorated some, too...but, wow!, time consuming!

Patti said...

Taija, you are AMAZING! Crazy amazing!

cookies and cups said...

Those little girls are adorable!! I love the glitter :)

Tonia said...

Oh my, I'm in love with the candy corn princess cookies. Did you freehand that design or is there a pattern/cookie cutter?