Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Christmas Cupcakes

From left to right: Kitchen Sink (they've got everything accept the kitchen sink in them. . . dulce de leche, chocolate fudge, cream, toasted coconut and pecans) Peppermint cream on chocolate cake, Cranberry cupcake with holly berries made out of modeling chocolate, and Gingerbread with lemon cream cheese frosting.

These little peppermint cuties are SO easy, I can't wait to tell you!

The Holly and berries were fun with chocolate mousse too!

So on with the Peppermint Frosting!

This recipe comes from a dessert makeover. One of my husbands favorite childhood treats was this fun

Peppermint Dessert

1 pkg grahm crackers, rolled fine. Sprinkle half into the bottom of a 9 x 9 pan.

1 C Whipping Cream
2 T Sugar
1 t Vanilla

Whip Cream, add sugar and vanilla. Add:

2 C mini marshmallows
3 T crushed peppermint candy (use more if using candy cane)
1/2 C nuts

Mix together, spread over grahm cracker crumbs, Top with remaining crumbs.

So. . . for the cupcakes I used a pastry cream (Pastry Pride) whipped it and added crushed candy cane until the cream turned pink and it tasted pepperminty! That's it! SO good!
The first time I made these I added the marshmallows, but they were akwardly lumpy.


Ms Bibi said...

Those are so wonderful. Makes me to go into the kitchen and make some cupcakes.

kado! said...

you are so talented! love them all!

Kelly said...

You're KILLING me! These are DARLING!

Adrianna said...

These would def. make my Christmas so much more spectacular!