Friday, October 23, 2009

Gone Banana's. . .

. . .for monkey cupcakes!
I made these for a baby shower that my HUSBAND went to. I'm still laughing about it! Today he attended a school psychologist meeting/baby shower. He even had to bring his baby picture to play the guess-who-that-baby-is game. Hilarious!

The monkey's were made out of modeling chocolate, so that means they taste good! Bonus!

Chocolate fudge cupcakes were filled with raspberry cream courtesy of Saucys Sprinkles.

Swirled with a ring of chocolate buttercream and a mounded with pastry cream.

Last but not least a chocolate monkey is plunked on top.

Here they are sittin' pretty ready to be eaten, by men and women at a baby shower.

This little guy reminds me of a sheepish toddler caught in a mess!
I ate this one.
Modeling Chocolate:
10 oz chocolate chips
1/3 C corn syrup
Melt chocolate in microwave on reduced power or in a double boiler. Once chocolate is completely melted and smooth add the corn syrup. Start stirring and . . . DON'T FREAK OUT!! It's supposed to do that. The texture instantly changes to thick and dough like. Now spread it out on a piece of waxed paper and let it rest for a couple hours. It will firm up and become a workable chocolate clay. Keep in mind that chocolate melts in your hand, so working quickly is a good idea. Have fun playing!
P.S. I've heard you can try this with colored melting candy also. Sooo. . . options, options!


Jay said...

You are amazing. Wow!

Ms Bibi said...

Awesome cupcakes.

Thanks for posting the recipe for the modeling chocolate. I will try it out.

Cassie said...

Okay, You are AMAZING!!! I am laughing at the thought of Brian at a baby shower! Classic!

Mya said...

Bet you had a ton of fun makin' those.