Sunday, January 10, 2010

Fresh Junk

Every January when Christmas is over and nicely tucked back in the boxes, when I've had my fill of baking, I get project CRAZED! It's time to freshen up the house. The regular every day decorations rarely go back in the same spot and I can't help but add some new things. . . junk style!
Like these pillows for my bed
These super ugly geometric pillows came with my couch. They have been sitting in my closet taking up space for 2 years. In less than a hour they had a new look, and so did my bed!
The incredible girls over at Shanty 2 Chic came up with this fun wreath hanger, I could not resist making one! BTW, I love EVERYTHING they make!

Instead of purchasing a spindle thingy for mine I used an old table leg that I rescued from my brothers fire wood pile. How could someone burn such cute little legs! Here's the rest of them. . . Hmm. . . maybe I'll make more wreath hangers.

Then there is these fun spindles from my grandma's rocking chair. I LOVE the peeling pink paint. I haven't decided what to do with them yet. . .

Sorry I got distracted with cute spindles.
Here's the finished wreath hanger.

Here's a sneek peek at some of my latest junk finds. I can't wait to turn it into great stuff!
Thrift stores, road side junk piles, grandma's basement, ANYWHERE. . . I love a sweet find.

King size foot board- 10 bucks!
Isn't this a darling little goose painting? Not. This is going to be part of the frame for our new family picture. It is 3ft x 4ft. Thank you Good Will.

And check out this awesome stuff!! I spent a total of $15.00! If you're like my husband you're saying to yourself "should have been free". But I am so excited!! Everything is getting a complete makeover. Stay tuned.

This awesome gold plastic stuff is my favorite! It's hidious, I know. . . but not for long!


kado! said...'m so glad I stopped by! I have some similar pillows I did not know what to do with..they are so getting re-done!

...and keep us posted as to what you do with the headboard...I have something similar and don't know what to do with it!

Cassie said...

What fun finds!! I am LOVING that clock!!

Mya said...

plastic gold..hahaha! I've also recovered pillows. :) I used cute Mary Engelbreit fabric.